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Products For Every Industry, Every Packaging Niche

Drawing from nearly a century of specialty packaging experience, Knight Packaging Group is pleased to offer a full line of custom-printed solutions. Whatever your product, whatever your packaging need and marketing objective, we can help.

Folding Cartons

> Folding Cartons

Folding cartons may be the workhorse of the packaging industry, but at Knight Packaging Group, we continue to push the envelope every day on new carton shapes, sizes and styles that combine creativity, flexibility and durability. For specialty cartons, we offer glued sleeves, displays and clamshell inserts as well as finishes like UV technology and pearlescent inks.


Stretch Paks

> Stretch Paks

Stretch Paks provide the ultimate in protection and promotion. These eye-catching foldover cards use flexible shrink film windows that seal the product while providing all-around visibility. With Stretch Paks, your products can be hung or stand on their own. They certainly will attract consumers’ attention.


Gabeltop Cartons

> Gabeltop Cartons

Gabletop cartons are liquid-tight and folded at the top to produce a pouring spout. They have traditionally been used as containers for pourable food like milk, juice and coffee creamers as well as pourable dry goods such as sugar, rice and detergent. You can count on us to help you develop attractive cartons that will protect your products and earn attention on store shelves.


Club Paks

> Club Paks

An environmentally-friendly alternative to plastic clamshell packaging, club paks showcase your product inside a clear rigid blister safely sealed between two recyclable paperboard cards. Designed to generate the highest consumer impact at your club stores, Club Pak cards also offer ample space for graphics and marketing and product information.



> Blister Cards

Coated blister cards are an increasingly popular choice for retail product lines. Face blister cards give a clean way to present and protect small items. Fold-over blister cards offer extra security and support for heavier items.


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