Knight Packagin Group

Sustainable Practices

A Commitment to “Being Green”

From procurement to shipment, Knight Packaging Group is committed to achieving the highest possible standards of packaging material management to reduce negative impact on our environment. As an eco-friendly producer, we choose inks with care, reduce waste from film and other materials and encourage materials re-use. We also do everything we can to support your goals for sustainability while remaining competitively priced.


Knight Packaging Group is happy to guide you to a higher sustainability rating. Our design team can help you develop packaging that:

  • meets market criteria for performance and cost
  • maximizes the use of renewable or recycled sourced materials
  • is an alternative to options that traditionally use a lot of plastic
  • is physically designed to optimize material usage
  • is manufactured using clean production technologies and Industry Best Practices
  • can be effectively recovered and utilized in cradle-to-cradle cycles

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